I’m a London native whose making it my business to create content about what piques my interest daily. Fashion, Art and Design are on heavy rotation in my life and expressing my thoughts through writing makes blogging my dedicated direction.

Just a little bit of context for you - I am a creative by nature and my eye for style is innate. It started as an infant; I was already dishing out fashion advice to my dad, telling him his tie didn't match his suit on the regular. Growing up as a Londoner with a rich family heritage means my identity and the way I dress are influenced by the people closest to me and living in a city known for its diverse and eclectic approach to fashion. Curating my personal style is literally a part of my everyday and all the outfits I put together are tailored to my mood and my surroundings. 

Speaking of surroundings, I have always immersed myself in work which intwines with my interests. Going from working in a luxury paint company to a Blogger on a campaign in Parliament, with placements at two architectural firms EPR and Grimshaw Global in between, I am always in my element around anything design and where I am able to write.

I’m providing a through the looking glass experience to all those who happen upon on my blog. Whether it is about style advice or discussing modern day trappings, I am sharing anything you wish to relate to, take inspiration from or feel like browsing on a rainy day. 


Photography by Hayley Ku’unani @thoualone & Naajia Ahmed @n_hfa. Logo by Zahra Said @zahra.said