Dressing up the Dictionary: Reset


I’m hitting the reset button. My explorations as of late have really propelled me to get off my ass and just do what I know best; content creating. My head got so messed up in the past few months thinking about the direction I want to take this blog of mine. Us creatives get so saturated in ourselves it’s hard to just put yourself out there for fear of not being perfect. If those were words to live by buildings wouldn't have been built, books wouldn't have been published, artwork wouldn't be exhibited and there wouldn't be anything to draw inspiration from. 

So what’s new? The whole dayum thing, that’s what. Welcome to a new look with new features to delve into every week. You’ll find me reviewing the variety of art and design happenings which London has to offer, sharing my stance on styling current trends and a “Weekly Viewpoint” sharing opinions on our modern day happenings regarding anything and everything with like minded (and non-like minded alike) individuals. 

But hey, I haven't forgotten the concept I began with - I’m still making it my business to “Dress up the Dictionary,” word by word. Starting with this one. Reset looks like this to me, having taken a break, I used the time to reassess where I am at with my style and incorporating both new with the old. The old being that I have decided to touch back in with my monochrome/neutral palette. As for the new, it’s me having noted the word which comes up most when others describe my style; polished. I’m applying it to looks that would ordinarily have an all together different tone to them and making them my own (also it’s low-key the fact that I've caught the trainer bug and want to incorporate them into what is my signature style). Think clean and structured meets feminine with-and most importantly-my personal touch of polished. 


I’m drawing inspiration from those buildings, those books and all that art and collectively creating a space where you can see those aspects come together. Whether that be through my style or my thoughts or the both intwined, this is my content and I am creating it.