Dressing up the Dictionary: Life

Life; the existential topic which often leads you down this vacuous hole of both wonder and disappointment along the way.

I’m definitely not even going to attempt to break down what it any time soon. Instead, you know how these days it’s a big deal to keep a gratitude diary? Well I want to share with you some of the things I am grateful for in my life.

If it weren't for the quirks that make me laugh until my asthmatic wheeze is in full force, I would be a pretty miserable soul through and through. I am so grateful for my sense of humour, over the past year it’s really kept me going. Queue Reggae Shark. If you know, you know. So, ordinarily everything I wear I source carefully and think about in depth before purchasing, but on this occasion the Reggae Shark t-shirt was a complete no brainer and I needed it immediately. My friend and I stumbled upon him in the realms of Youtube, and found ourselves in total hysterics. Now he lives in my wardrobe, and I am totally happy for him to be a part of my ever expanding (seriously, running out of space guys) clothing collection.

Verheyen London Emerald Long Line Leopard Print Coat

Something I am learning ever so slowly but surely is to believe in myself and my capabilities. Patience is a virtue as is known so widely, and I am holding on to that notion because in time I hope my capabilities pay off, literally. Now I've embarked upon my journey as a blogger I am understanding the feeling of believing in what I do with full force. This is cemented by insanely beautiful brands like Verheyen London taking interest in what I have to offer, and I am really thankful and proud to be wearing their stunning Long Line Leopard print coat in emerald for this shoot.

This outfit is a representation of my life as I know it now. I am feeling the growth in my self esteem more and more (who knew a luxury coat could do that for you!?). This coat is an emblem , of positivity which I don't always believe is there, but I need to despite it hiding in the shadows. If I could summarise in any way what life is about, it’s a matter of taking things as they are and in my stride while knowing that having patience will always pay off. After all, you can only see where life is taking you as it unravels with each step, living in the present one day at a time. To the unknown! Of which I am grateful for what it teaches me as my life unfolds.


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P.s. For a dose of total random hilariousness, here is the aforementioned and legendary Reggae Shark!

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Amira, Writing

“Out of the quarrels with others we make rhetoric; Out of the quarrels with ourselves we make poetry.” - Yeats

To each and every person a quote can be interpreted in their own way. It has taken me a couple of years to work out why this quote I read in the copy of Anna Karenina has had such resonance. To me, the quarrel with others and with myself are a matter of cause and effect, it feels like they come hand in hand. Without the negative experiences I have with others, there is no reason to have “an angry argument or disagreement” with myself. So, excuse me Mr Yeats, but I am turning the rhetoric I have with others into my poetry.

I mean what is my poetry even? Well, it transpires in a few ways and to start off with it’s in all endeavours creative. When I started writing it was in the form of journalling, personal and for my eyes only, expressing everything I thought and felt about the things I was going through. It used to be a means of protecting myself and not letting my guard down, like a way to expel any energy that could potentially put me in harms way. All those once fluttering thoughts are rested away safely in notebooks living in a box under my bed. With time that has changed, writing a piece now is my version of “poetry” created out of the “quarrels” caused by that very “rhetoric.” I am letting my guard down because it as a form of my expression that I want to share. My quarrels, whether they be with myself or with others, have an immense impact on what I want to create. That’s where the poetry transpires - it affects my mood and in turn my likes and dislikes, my style, my choices, what music I listen to, what I am interested in and well, in general how I view the world around me everyday. 

We are all learning from what hurts us and causes pain and what makes us feel good and brings us joy. Feeling those things requires a certain level of self assessment whether it be conscious or not. In fact, what my girl (yeah you Hayley Ku’unani!) said about making this assessment is just too poignant - to paraphrase “Even though there is toxicity others throw at us, we need to think about the toxicity we also bring to the equation. The only difference is that our toxicity is aimed toward ourselves.” Here’s where the quote for me comes in big time. I’m going to be using it as the foundation for my blogging, flipping the toxicity on it's head and into my poetry. A diary of my style, thoughts and everything in-between. 

A. x 

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Photography by Hayley Ku'unani @thoualone - Instagram